Saturday, November 3, 2012


Well our journey home for 2 1/2 months began yesterday! We safely made it to Lanseria, SA where Jeff is doing some last minute training on the Simulator. Our good friend is being upgraded to captain this weekend YAY! 

Sadly the night before we left Botswana Tristan started coughing...again and I started with a sore throat so we are resting and hoping to be recovered before our flight home out of Johanesburg on Sunday evening. 

Today I was able to get both kids to nap at the same time and was thrilled at the idea of a nap! Well 10 min after Vanessa was asleep and just as I was dozing off someone knocked on our door. I ignored it figuring they would go thing I know that person is unlocking my door and loudly coming in our room!! Nap time was over before it really started and as I grumpily bounced my crabby baby around the room all I could think about was "who does that?" and "this would never happen in the states because they are smart enough to have do not disturb signs!" and then "I am leaving a suggestion that they get do not disturb signs." of course these thoughts just made me more grumpy... 

That's when the thought hit me! I have dreamed about being a mommy since I was 3 years I am complaining about an adorable, albeit fussy, baby in my arms! I'm missing out on precious moments with my little blessing by being crabby. So I JOYfully walked around our room, bouncing MY baby and blowing my nose thanking the Lord for giving me the greatest desires of my heart in these two precious kids! They grow up to fast and I don't want to waste my time grumbling. 

Thank you Lord for my sweet blessings!


  1. I can SO relate....thanks for the reminder. I will be reading this often to remind me to be JOYFUL! :)

  2. We'll be praying for you guys to feel better. Wish we were still in VA and could have seen you guys.