Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bringing you up to speed

Greetings all!
Once again, we find ourselves having to change course.  Let me bring you up to speed. 
A few months ago we learned from our pediatrician in Botswana that Tristan was somewhere on the Autism spectrum.  We originally thought it would be alright to stay until October before leaving back for the States.  However, it became evident a few weeks later that Tristan was going to need to get help much sooner than October.  This combined with Sarah’s worsening health condition made us realize that we needed to leave ASAP.  Sarah departed Botswana with the kids on June 9th and is already at home with her family in Florida.  She is seeing a specialist for her medical issues and Tristan is already in speech therapy!  Both are doing very well.  I stayed in Botswana for another month, to make sure things were in order with the hand-over of my job.  But I have given my notice and will be leaving Botswana on the 3rd of August, to join my family!  I have three interviews lined up.  Please be in prayer for God to open the door to the right job for our family. 
Just so you know what is happening with Sarah and Tristan, here is a quick update from her end:
“Being back in the USA is bittersweet.  I am missing all of my Botswana family and sad that our Africa adventure is over but at the same time relieved to be here getting Tristan help.  I have spent the last three weeks doing lots of paperwork, making tons of phone calls and feeling like I am going in circles trying to line up an evaluation and therapy.  I am staying encouraged knowing that every phone call gets me closer to our goal!  His pediatrician said he is definitely somewhere on the autism spectrum and referred us to a behavioral specialist who will do an evaluation to help us figure out what occupational therapy he needs.  He started speech therapy last week and we already are so encouraged to have a plan of attack to help him keep learning!  Apparently he learns in sentences rather than word by word like most kids.  Even in the last week he has made improvement in speech now that we know what to work on :)!  He is a quick learner and is just as excited to learn to communicate as we are to help him!  Also the bigger Vanessa gets the more we are seeing how much she is helping him learn things he missed as a baby.  She is such a sweet blessing and has brought so much joy to our family!”
We have appreciated your support over the past few years!  Flying Mission will keep our account active through the end of October.  We thank those of you who have been so faithful to us over the years!  Your prayer and financial help have made it possible for us to serve in Botswana!
This has been an incredible adventure and we will take these experiences with us wherever we go for the rest of our lives.  God has, and is, going to do some amazing things with FMS and we were blessed to be a part of it for the past 3 years. 
We can’t wait for the next adventure God has planned for us!
Jeff, Sarah, Tristan & Vanessa