Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Family Time

We had the pleasure of having my Uncle (Brett Nordick) visit us for 2 days last week! It was so refreshing to be around family and such a treat to see him! He was on his way to some meetings in Zambia and was able to spend a few days with us before the meetings started. Tristan enjoyed having another person to read him books over and over plus was spoiled with his first ever animal cracker. We are enjoying all of the American goodies he brought!!

We were able to take him to a local game reserve called Mokolodi. Jeff joined him for a 2 hour game drive where they got to see lots of african animals. One of the coolest was of a mommy rhino with her baby who was about 5 weeks old. They took a great video of the baby nursing from his mom. I decided to stay at the little playground and restaurant while they did the game drive since Tristan does not enjoy sitting for 2 hours =). We actually got to see a few animals come up to the restaurant while we were waiting. Then to top it all off while we were eating dinner at the restaurant a rhino came right up close to the wall surrounding the restaurant. It was very cool! We had been told the rhinos that normally came up to the restaurant had all died so it was a surprise to see one! It all made for a very special evening with Uncle Brett! So many special memories!

I never do like the goodbye part but am so thankful he was able to spend some time with us here in Africa!

Here are a few photos of the visit and animals they got to see!