Friday, January 29, 2010

Hello all,

Well this is my first blog post ever. I know, that is probably weird but I honestly have never had a blog site before. Now that Sarah and I are moving to Africa, it does seem fitting though.

Now that we're on that subject, for those of you who didn't know, Sarah and I are moving to Africa with an organization called Flying Mission Services. FMS does air ambulance and med-evac flights in the country of Botswana (just above South Africa). It is an excellent opportunity for us and we are super excited about leaving. Our plan is to be gone by the first week of July, 2010.

We actually had a Skype conference with FMS in Botswana this morning. We got a lot of our questions answered and were able to figure out what more we need to get done before we leave. If any of you want, we can get you our Skype address. Just send an email with your interest.

Everything with the baby is going well. His name is Tristan Paul Burnham and he will be arriving hopefully March 30th, 2010. We are both really excited about getting to meet this little baby that we have already fallen in love with! He is going to be the first grandbaby on both sides of our family so he will probably get more attention than he needs from his grandparents, not to mention his aunts and uncles.

Please keep us in your prayers as we still have lots of things to get in order before we leave in a few months.