Monday, October 11, 2010

First Experiences in Botswana

We finally have Internet in our house!! Hoooray! There was no way for us to get internet in our house until we received our residents permit. Just a few weeks ago we received our temporary waiver...still no residents permit =). The Lord has definitely been teaching us patience our first few months here! Praise the Lord one of the internet companies was willing to accept our temporary waiver since we still have no permit number. It has been such a blessing to be able to get online at home rather than pack up the baby and go to a friends house to use their internet! I didn't get to keep you all updated on our arrival adventures so here is one of my very first experiences during my first week here in Botswana...

"We've been invited to a Bush Braii", Jeff said. Great! What is a Bush Braii?? "You go out in the bush and have a cook-out. Its great fun." All of a sudden a bush braii didn't sound fun to me. I have a 4 month old baby. Do we sit on the ground out in the bush? Will I have to hold Tristan the whole time we are gone? Are their bathrooms out there? Can I stay home and YOU go? Turns out I ended up going by myself (with Tristan) because Jeff was on an emergency flight. And it was out in the middle of nowhere. And there were no bathrooms. And there was no place to put the baby so he had to be held the whole time BUT it was great fun. Jeff even found us out in the bush when he got finished with his flying. I definitely look forward to more Bush Braiis next year when it cools down again =).

We are having lots of new experiences here...some great others not so great haha. I still have not been brave enough to go in a public restroom =). I hear they are one of the not so great experiences. Anyway I look forward to keeping you all updated on our adventures here. Keep us updated on how you are all doing as well we love hearing news from home! Thanks for all your prayers as we adjust to a new home and a new country!

Love, Sarah (from all of us)