Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Blessing!

Hello again,

I need to make a journal of everything that God has been doing for us over the past few months. It really is remarkable. We just got a call last night that the money for our plane tickets to Africa (about $2000) has just been provided! WOW!!! It is so exciting to see the provision for everything, above and beyond what we need.



God just keeps continuing to bless us! This is a cool story that happened to me (Jeff) just a few days ago:

When we fly we use headsets so that we can communicate with Air Traffic Control as well as our students. Anyway, I had 2 headsets that I had inherited from my dad. Needless to say they were rather "seasoned" and both of them decided that they were going to stop working. I sent them in to get fixed to the manufacturing company but the quote to fix them was way higher than I was expecting. We weren't going to be able to afford to fix either of the 2 headsets. I was a little bummed, to say the least but decided that it was going to be ok and the situation would end up working itself out. Just on Tuesday night it did!

The head of the School of Aeronautics had sent a letter to a headset manufacturer that gives free headsets out to flight school graduates headed to the mission field. I had no idea this opportunity even existed until I was presented with an amazing new headset last Tuesday night at our annual Missions Banquet at the Liberty School of Aeronautics!!! How amazing is that? I couldn't even believe it. Myself and a fellow flight instructor (who is also going over to Africa) both received these headsets. It is by far the nicest headset I've ever had and way nicer than I would have been able to afford. God knew I would need a headset and set this in motion before I even sent mine in to be repaired. He continues to show His goodness to Sarah and I even with the little things in our lives.

I just thought I'd share this experience. Thanks for your continued prayers!