Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Distributing Bibles in the Children's Ward. Singing our way down to different wards with the Bibles on a stretcher.

Here goes “Project Bible Distribution”!

As I shared in my previous blog post and email, every year Flying Mission distributes Bibles at Princess Marina hospital on the day after Christmas. They raise money for the Bibles throughout the year. This year the Setswana Bibles were in high demand here in Botswana and stocks were low. The demand increased the cost making them 80 pula each which is about $13 US dollars. They may be cheaper this time next year but for now they cost that much. I wanted to share this opportunity with all of you! If God has given you a desire to share His Word with the people of Botswana consider supporting this annual Bible distribution event. Also we need prayer warriors to be praying for the patients and nurses receiving Bibles! Please pray the Lord gets a hold of their hearts!

Please email me if you want information on how to help us purchase Bibles!

My email address is jeffnsarah527@gmail.com .

I am still putting together information for “Project Nappies”. There is a very touching story behind it all and I can’t wait to share it with you. I am awaiting the story and pictures from my friend, Laurel King.

On a lighter note...Tristan is walking!!! He took his first steps a few days ago. It is so much fun watching him learn! He is looking so grown up now that he is walking...can't believe how fast it goes! I will upload pictures soon.


  1. Wow! I can't believe he is walking. Tristan was so little when you left. You guys are doing awesome things over there. What is project nappies?

  2. Project nappies is about the women with babies in the intensive care unit at this same hospital. A friend of mine has some ideas to get involved there since there are big needs especially in the diaper are (hence the name project nappies) =) anyway I will send a quick reminder to her and see if she has the story ready yet. Hopefully I can post about this project soon!!